Winston Churchill's
Britain at War Experience
64 - 66 Tooley Street
London Bridge
London SE1 2TF

Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience

How did it really feel to be a British citizen during the Second World War?
What did people eat and wear?
Winston Churchill's Britain at War Theme Museum can answer these questions and many more.


To the shelter

Gas mask

Get the closest possible insight into what life was really like. The Britain at War Experience recreates the LONDON BLITZ in all its fury with special effects highlighting the sights and sounds, the artifacts, and even the dust and smoke of an air raid at its height.

War declared

Take the lift to the London Underground air raid shelter and see where thousands spent sleepless nights.

Keep up to date with wartime news in the underground cinema or read it in the memorable news pages.

Enter the BBC radio studio and tune into Rome, Washington, London and Berlin for the latest messages from Churchill, Chamberlain, Roosevelt, Ed Murrow, Hitler and Lord Haw Haw.

St.Pauls Cathedral in the middle of the blitz.
Specifically designed to tie in with National Curriculum especially KS2-3.
Primary and secondary education packs available include worksheets, activities, questions for the visit and a guide book.
Special 'dressing up' sessions for school parties including tin helmets, gasmasks and uniforms.
*Free preliminary visits for teachers and help with planning visits.*

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